Furniturecap list: 10 Largest US Furniture Factory Outlets Started

Sturdy furniture lasts for a long time and some even are there for a lifetime. Making furniture requires lots of skill, knowledge and dedication and America’s largest furniture outlets know that. And now, let us go back in time and find out how they have all started.

Whether your concentration in furniture is its history and progress, the carpentry and influential skills involved in creation of fine furniture, or you are just simply looking for furnishings for your own home, then, you might well just visit a furniture factory outlet nearby. And there are lots of big furniture outlets all around the country that might help you with what you want. But, ever wonder how they have all started and became online like


John Mathias Bernhardt, the founder of Bernhardt Furniture Company, became an orphan at the age of 13 when his parents died. He and his brother faced life together, but fate had different plans for them. They were employed in a local general store. His brother stayed in a retail business while John Mathias went to the west and soon secured work as a government surveyor. It nearly took his life assisting settlers at the frontier. Everything went well and he survived all the difficulties and he returned to begin an enterprise after three years at the frontier and soon his venture became one of the country’s top producers of commercial and residential furniture around. Today, this flourishing endeavor is one of the oldest family enterprises in America.

From the founder R.L Simpson, the name Simpson Furniture appears. He was a skilled furniture retailer and his venture started in1946 when he bought an old building in Cedar Falls and little did he know that it would be Cedar Valley’s biggest furniture business in the making. A fire ravaged his hopes and dreams in 1983 and the business faced many losses. No one knew whether Simpson Furniture would still rebuild in downtown or just relocate to another place. Simpson Furniture decided to stay and rebuild a new and even bigger store at the very center of downtown Cedar Falls in that very same spot where it started.

Furniture Affair started way back in 1989, on Bell Road in Phoenix Arizona, in just a small overcrowded room. Nancy Rhodes, the President and CEO of Furniture Affair, was a flourishing stockbroker. Since she was a born entrepreneur she got the idea by just looking at beautiful model homes which was her favorite pastime. As of today, her company is known to be the pioneer in the resale of discount furniture, furniture appraisals, interior design, model home furnishings, and installations.

The Woodstock Furniture Outlet, started in 1988, with the help of Jr. Aaron’s family; he established and opened the doors of Woodstock Furniture Outlet to the public. It is known for its customer friendly salesmanship and great deals of home furnishings. Starting with just about 6000 square feet building located on Hwy 5, the business continued to develop and the call for more space was unavoidable. So the Woodstock Furniture Outlet moved into a new location, at the intersection of Bells Ferry Road and Hwy 92 in a 25,000 square foot building. Since they have a wider area, there is a need for a furniture store and the Aaron’s anticipated the on going trend is increasing and they should meet every customer’s needs. It is a furniture store where everything you need is here to furnish your home. They offer a wide array of home accessories and a huge floral department brimming with floral designs, a living room and dining room models.

Other furniture factory outlets include the Webster Furniture that can be found on Route 1 near Rehoboth Beach, the CORT Putnam Furniture Rental that offers many selections that will fit the needs of corporations, students and professionals, the Hornell Furniture Outlet situated on Main Street in Hornell, New York, the Becker Home Center of the Huseby family that was founded in 1978, the Brownlee’s Furniture, a family-owned business which is located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the Malouf Furniture that started in Downtown Greenwood, Mississippi, and the Furniture Outlets USA.


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