Monthly Archives: August 2016
Helpful sowing tips for gardeners

Always remember about keeping a crop diary and rough plan of what was sown when and where. A few notes on the weather can help too.

On the plot

You don’t need to spend out on timber to make raised beds. You can simply mark out beds, which should be as wide as you can easily manage to reach into the centre without treading on the soil. By adding organic matter to them each year, they will gradually rise above the compacted paths.

Question time for amateur gardeners

Question: I bought a dwarf raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’. It cropped quite well last year but I’m unsure how to care for it. Does it need pruning like summer raspberries or just cutting down lake the autumn variety? It is growing in a large pot at present.

Tomatoes. The Award Winners

Ten cultivars were awarded an AGM. Fruit counts/weights for truss-thinned plants were provided for each AGM cultivar.

Sowing Seeds in the Ground

March is traditionally the time when many of us start to sow tender crops under cover and hardy ones outside.

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