Air Compressor Care and Safety Guidelines

Air Compressors is basically a device that has been designed to convert power from electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine into pressurized air. When the air is forced into the storage tank the pressure increases and once it has reached the highest level it automatically shuts off. Now it has a wide variety of application like filling gas cylinders, paintball guns, snow machine, inflating tires, diving, staplegun. It is mostly used for industrial purposes but people do use it for home activities or even for fun.

But when we use it at home we have to make sure that all safety precautions are taken and the guidelines are followed. In factories and industrial set up, the employees are given a through training on the safety rules. This is very important as this plays an important role in boosting the morale of the employee and avoiding injuries in the workplace. Employees are the asset and their safety is the requirement of the organization itself.


Instructions while using air compressor

  • Always monitor the air compressor voltage. If there is any damage to the equipment un-power the machine and release the pressure.
  • Make sure that the workplace has clean air at all times.
  • In the case of high-temperature environment, some preventive steps can be taken to increase the moisture.
  • Never change the oil or refuel when the compressor is running. It can lead to smoke or even fire.
  • Again you switch on the power make sure that no tools are connected.
  • Never allow the tank to get rusty. This is very important as it becomes highly combustible.

Safety guidelines

  • Always wear protective glasses and shoes while using the air compressor.
  • Never point the tools towards your body.
  • Avoid using an air compressor in wet areas. Once they are exposed for a long period it can cause rust in the tank.
  • Always check and ensure that your hoses are not damaged. Always make sure that the not heavy objects or vehicles are run over it.
  • Make sure that you use the proper air hose and fittings. Most people recommend 90 psi at tools.
  • When connecting the air hose to the equipment, make sure that the opening or nipple is clean. This will give you the best connection possible.
  • The compressor discharge pipe should be cleaned periodically.
  • When the pressure gauge shows a decrease in pressure it means that the air pressure isn’t working properly.
  • Always check for oil and air leaks.
  • Overheating of equipment is also a major problem so this has to be monitored routinely.
  • Never allow the hoses or cords to hang loosely as people tend to trip and fall off or even create power cuts.



Owning the right air compressor is important but more important than that is that your safety is also looked into. Make sure that all safety guidelines are followed to prevent any kind of hazard. It is one of the best equipment and has great utility if administered properly.


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