Canada Highest Mountains

Tourists and thrill seekers from all over the world come to the Canadian Rockies to enjoy the beautiful peaks. But further north, in Canada there are mountains that are even higher. The following is a list and brief description of the main mountain peaks of Canada.

Mountain range of St. Elias

The highest Canadian mountains can be found in the mountain range of St. Elias, located in the south-east of Alaska, south-west of the Yukon and the north-western outskirts of British Columbia. The mountain range of St. Elias is the steepest on Earth, rising from sea level to an elevation of 5486 m for 10 km. Active tectonic activity also makes it one of the fastest growing mountain ranges in the world, rising from three to four millimeters per year, it only gets bigger!

Mount Logan

Located at an altitude of 5959 meters above sea level, Mount Logan is the highest Canadian mountain and the second largest in North America after Denali. It is crowned with eleven peaks, whose height exceeds 5000 m, and its base circumference is greater than that of other non-volcanic mountains on Earth.

Mount King Peak

Despite its low satellite status, Mount Logan, King Peak is the fourth highest mountain in Canada and the ninth largest in North America. Its top is a pointed pyramid, rising to a height of 5173 meters above sea level.

Mount Vancouver

Not far from the Canadian city of the same name, in the south-east of Alaska and south-west of the state of Yukon is Mount Vancouver. The southernmost of its three peaks is located right on the international border, and the highest peak reaches 4812 m.

Mount Slaggard

The summit of Mount Slaggard has a height of 4,742 m. It is located in the territory of the state of Yukon, 40 km north-west of Mount Luqunia. The first ascent of the southern summit dates back to 1997.

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Mount Farweather

Rising to an altitude of 4671 m above sea level, Mount Farweter is the highest mountain in British Columbia, as well as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although two thirds of the mountains are in Alaska, the highest point is in British Columbia. There are frequent snow storms and sharp temperature fluctuations throughout most of the year.

Mount Hubbard

Hubbard Mountain is one of the main mountains of the St. Elias massif and has a height of 4557 m. It is located on the border of Alaska; The Canadian side is located in Clouane National Park, and the American side is part of the Rangel-Saint-Elias Wildlife Refuge.

Mount St. Elias

Both Canada and the United States claim that Mount St. Elias belongs to them. Located on the border between Alaska and Yukon, this mountain is the second largest in both countries. Mount St. Elias has a huge vertical terrain, rising from sea level to the top of 5489 m in just 16 km.


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