Dewalt Dw618pk Variable-Speed Router Reviews

Do you want to improve in your wood working? And you know definitely, a router is one of the key tools that is doubtless to be in your workshop. With a perfect model, you can cut grooves, rout out wood surfaces, make shapes with the wood, trimming of pieces for paneling form. All these are possible with the help of the essential equipment. DEWALT DW618PK is one of the best routers that has outstanding performance with its components. This article reviews the DW618PK router kit, a perfect model for the wood sector.


  • It is a Plunge and Fixed base router combo kit.
  • It features electronic motor speed that is variable with is 2-1/4 Horsepower and a 12.0 AMP.
  • It has a Micro-fine adjustment for the base adjustment of 1 to 1.64 inches.
  • The variable speed ranges from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM and a soft start to lower the force at the start-up.
  • It is a router that is electric corded and detachable that allows a comfort during the project.
  • The Dw618pk is a model that has a Vacuum Adaptor, and tool-free steel adjustable.
  • It also features collets of 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch also with a wrench.
  • The voltage is up to 120 volts and weighs about 22.1 pounds.


  • With the powerful speed of the electronic motor, it makes your cutting through the wood surface easy and the changeable speed helps to control the speed that ranges up to 24,000 RPM for the actual project.
  • While making a repeated plunge cuts, the Dewalt Plunge Router base has a changeable five-position turret stop. And the Micro-fine base adjustment allows actual bit adjustment to increase the fixed base about 1/64 inch.
  • Clear LEXAN sub-base provides the favorable bit visualness and the base durable that also allows standard template guide bushings. A fast and easy base and bit changes.
  • The vacuum attached helps to suck up dust while operating with Dewalt router in order to have clear sight. The handles are rubber over-molded which is low of gravity that allows it to be stress-free for the user. Also, features a dust-sealed switch for the constancy of the switch to protect it from dust.
  • It allows the user to work to the left or right side with the ability of the switch and cord set. All the items of the DW618PK are kept in the box for safety and easy to carry.
  • The product is manufactured in the USA and it is endorsed with a 3-year warranty.

Here you can compare Dewalt Dw618pk with other wood routers.



The DW618PK is an excellent model for your indoor or outdoor wood projects with its versatile features. During your job, everywhere might get messed up easily but the DEWALT makes it less hard with its collection of dust system. It has the ability to get through any tough wood surface easily. It is an assured tool that gives a precise job done with its performance. Why don’t you give it a try?



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