The Eco Saver Solar Pool Heating System Review

Looking for a solar pool heating system can be difficult. Trying to ensure that you have efficient solar panels that work with the way your pool is made and matching up installation components with your new solar panels can be a hassle. There is an easy way to go about finding the right solar pool heating system.
The Hayward Solar Pool Heating System is a customizable solution for your pool, whether it is an above-ground or in-ground pool. Let’s look at a few of its features, as well as the pros and cons associated with this product and based on some of the most credible reviews, so you can learn if the solar heating system is right for your pool.



The Eco Saver Solar Pool Heating System has the following features:

Simple structure

A modular structure allows you to customize the amount of solar panels you use. You can start out with one panel, then add others based on the needs of your pool.

Can be customized to fit any size pool

The starter kit includes one 20-foot panel, which can heat an oval or rectangular in-ground pool of up to 15×30 feet or a 24-foot diameter above-ground pool.

Durable construction

The IDPE material which makes up these panels is strong yet flexible. Just unroll the panel and utilize the twist and snap attachments for easy installation.

Works with your pool’s features

You can add on accessories to the starter kit, such as a roof mount kit, diverter valve kit, and an intex pool adapter kit.

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There are some great features to this pool heater, but you need to understand how they benefit your pool.

Saves energy and money

The use of solar panels for heating energy allows you to swim longer at no additional cost. You don’t have to worry about an expensive power bill.

Environmentally friendly

These solar panels use sunlight, which is a naturally renewable energy source.

Space saving

These panels are easy to disassemble and reassemble, so you can store them during times of the year that you don’t use your pool.

The only issues I could see with this style of heating system are that if you have a large pool, it could be costly to add on more additional solar panels, however, if you use your pool a lot, this will pay for itself. You would also need to factor in the cost of any additional adapters you might need in order for the installation process of this system to be efficient.

Also, learning how to install the adapters and panels yourself, might be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with how to assemble such equipment.


Overall, this solar pool heating system is a great deal, if you’re looking for a system that can work with either an above-ground or in-ground pool. This system is a great way to heat your pool without added cost and is safe for the environment. That makes it a winning situation all around. You and your family and friends will love the simplicity of this heating system , and you won’t be crying when you look at your power bill after heating your pool.


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