How to Choose the Right Dishwasher

The dishwasher is good because, firstly, it saves time and effort, secondly, it perfectly launders and dries dishes due to high temperatures, and thirdly, it saves water.

For one cycle of its operation, water is consumed 4-5 times less than when washing dishes by hand, energy consumption is small.

How to Buy a Dishwasher

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In addition, you can wash in a dishwasher not only dishes, but also combs, plastic children’s toys, baseball caps, rubber slippers, tools, a hood filter, refrigerator trays and much more.

For the right choice of a dishwasher, we need to decide on the first question, why do we need it and whether it is needed at all. There are several reasons that motivate you to buy.

  • saving personal time;
  • washing dishes is done at any time, even when you are away from home;
  • no hot water required;
  • significant savings – water consumption with a dishwasher is reduced by 3, 5 or even more times, compared to washing dishes with hands;
  • the ability to use potent detergents that are not applicable when the dishes are washed by hand;
  • rinsing is carried out at high temperature, which allows you to completely clean the surface of the dishes from detergents.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning the minuses, which may well be important for you:

  • The price of a dishwasher. Each owner of the device will confirm that the purchase is worth it, but it’s up to you.
  • It takes up space. You need to think in advance about where to place another, not the smallest unit, and also with free access to the door for loading / unloading dishes.
  • Power consumption of a dishwasher. This device is one of the most powerful among household appliances. The apartment or house must have reliable wiring. Typically, the machine has sensors that determine the amount of dishes and even pollution. The device independently determines the need for water and energy. When connected to an external source of hot water, it is possible to significantly save electricity.
  • Do not wash dishes from some materials. These include metal (from tin, aluminum, copper), heat-resistant dishes made of plastic and wooden.
  • Detergents for the dishwasher. Now you need to use chemicals for washing dishes.

Washing class / drying class

The class determines the quality of the drying or washing machine. Both of these indicators are marked with Latin letters from A to C and mean:

A – perfectly clean / perfectly dry dishes;

B – the presence in some places of a small amount of spots / drops of water on the dishes;

C – the presence of spots / drops of water.

The higher the class, the more expensive the dishwasher. By purchasing a device with a low washing or drying class, you run the risk of washing dishes from time to time, as well as getting traces of dried water on cutlery.

Energy class

Shows the economical use of the machine during washing, i.e. how much energy is spent washing one set of dishes.

Like the washing and drying class, it is indicated by Latin letters:

A – very economical, minimal power consumption. The most common class.

B – economical, average power consumption.

C – high power consumption. Modern dishwashers are quite rare with this class of energy consumption.

Best Dishwasher Brands

Siemens SK26E221EU bäst i testThe leaders among manufacturers of dishwashers can be considered products of AEG, Bosch, Siemens. Such dishwashers are more expensive, but they are the most reliable and high quality. These manufacturers pay attention to the assembly and materials of manufacture, the number of models, wide functionality. The machines provide the maximum level of washing, while minimizing the noise level. Prices are above average, but all brands can see the budget line.


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