Must-have garden tools

Gardening represents one of the healthiest out-of-doors activities a person can during spring and summer. Gardening offers adequately fresh air, moderate exercise and the sunshine, importantly, a person end up with enough fresh vegetables and parsleys.

But gardening requires right tools to avoid stressed back muscles, injured hands, and other backyard troubles. There are numerous items every gardener should have, from compression gloves to stand-up shovel. Garden tools come in various shapes, sizes and techniques to use them. A simple hoe may be perfect for weeding a flower bed and also a suitable tool for a vegetable garden for making channels for seeds.

Below is a list of garden tools every gardener should at least have; however, many gardeners may find it beneficial to have particular type or size garden of garden tools depending on the size of the backyard

gardening tools

Garden Fork – this tool is used for turning the soil, mixing nutrients, and aerating the soil.

Digging spade – used for turning the soil and its blade is also used to make edging on the garden.

Garden hoe – this tool is best for weeding and is available in various shapes and size. Gardeners have numerous types of garden hoe to serve in different farm operations.

Garden rake – this tool is used to level a new garden or used in an existing plot to remove debris from soil. Garden hard tools- these are smaller tools such as workhorse tools, used in specific gardening work.

Pruners – every garden requires a pruning tool, for removing excess leaves from the flower garden and pruning the fence.

Hori-hori knife – this tool is used for light digging, planting, and weeding.

Wheelbarrow or a Garden cart – for transportation


Hedge trimmers

If the gardener is maintaining flower beds yard or a vegetable garden, garden tools list may seem endless. However, several tools can be used for various purposes thus the gardener can purchase a few of the garden tools. For example, a garden spade can be used to turn the soil and also in planting small trees and forming lawn edge. Additionally, weeding tools used in the vegetable garden can also be used in maintaining the flower beds.

A watering can is necessary for any gardener because it distributes water evenly and gently especially for young seedlings. The gardener should protect their hands, thus compression gloves with silicone finger pads are helpful to grab or hold a watering can. A knee saver is a well-designed mat or pad that helps a gardener when working low to the ground and can also flip it and sit on the seat when pruning.

A wheelbarrow is a vital tool for hauling organic matter, plants, and fertilizer. However, the wheelbarrow requires service work, such as the application of lubricant, to reduce friction. Old garden tools break easily, hence it is important to replace the worn out tools. When purchasing the garden tools select the most comfortable and reliable tools to avoid predictable blisters. Most of the garden tools offer comfortable handles, but it is important to buy the tools from genuine sellers to avoid purchasing easily broken tools. Smartly designed tools last for long and provide good services. Therefore, include durable tools in your garden that can offer serves for long duration and enjoy the feeling of passing this equipment to the next generation.


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