Simple Tips to Make a Small Bedroom More Spacious

Going back to when I was a kid and I always thought my bedroom was away too big for me. My wardrobe had so much space that I even used it as my hiding area every time I had accidentally broke one of my mum’s items. My toys used to hide under the bed every time my mother came and asked me to clean up the room; I didn’t need to have drawers there. I used to have tea parties, camp and all that. Well, much have changed since then.

So, what happened to all that space? Have I grown too big? Or have houses been getting smaller recently? All these big houses have been transformed in tiny little flats with tiny little bedrooms. Plus, not everyone can have the luxury of having a big house these days, especially in towns like London. So we have to find ways around it and make the most of the space available we have in our place.

Thanks God interior and furniture designers have been paying attention to all these size changes and have been working hard to design furniture with multiple purposes and beds with extra storage space. I have selected below a few ideas to help use all the space you have available in your bedroom very wisely.

Storage Beds

Let’s start with the most important item in your bedroom, your bed. The bed is usually the item that occupies the most space in your bedroom (unless you have a giant wardrobe) so why not use the space under the bed as a storage space? That way you can get rid of your chest of drawers and maybe even get a smaller wardrobe. This will free up a lot of space in your bedroom, so you will be able to give wings to your imagination and maybe rearrange the furniture and redecorate your room to make it look more spacious.

There are two types of beds which can help you with that, divan and ottoman beds. Divan Beds have drawers underneath and you can find beds with two or four drawers. These beds are very functional and are available in a range of colours and materials.

Different from divan beds the ottoman bed is usually upholstered and has hinges coupled with hydraulic assisted gas lifts that can raise the mattress to reveal a substantial amount of space inside. Perfect to store bigger items such as blankets, luggage and others. You can also store smaller items in there, all you have to do is buy some small boxes to keep  your items organised.

Organised Closet

You can use small boxes to storage small items, a shoe caddy hung on the back of the closet door, so no shoes on the floor and your basket of dirty clothes can go inside the closet. Tah dah! Just like magic you will have loads of space.

Now if you are a shoe lover like me, you probably will need more space for your babies so another solution would be hanging them on the wall using crown moulding.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are the secret for small bedrooms. You can use wall shelves to organise your books, jewellery, bags and much more. If you don’t have enough space for a desk you can just use a wall shelf. See picture below.

I hope this post was helpful, and from now on you will learn how to make the most of your little space.


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